How I Felt This Week 02/02/2015-06/02/2015

Hi, before I say anything I just want to say Happy new year. Next I want to say sorry I haven’t done my blog in so long. NOW for some AMAZING NEWS!  I’ve gotten over 9000 views AMAZING.

Well now that I’ve gotten the amazing news out of the way now for how I’ve been feeling this week.

Monday: I had a lot of pain on Monday so I mostly played on my computer (Minecraft)

Tuesday: My mom went to see Professor Grhame with a Friend because her friend was seeing him. also my Tutor came Tuesday but that happens every Tuesday.

Wednesday: Pretty much the same as Monday I played my new game Kerbal Space Program (good game)

Thursday: Its snowed😀 (not much but) YAY my mom made a delicious Shepherds pie and the rest of the day the same as Monday

Friday (Today) Todays been alright pain wise, the same as Monday pretty much just had some Pizza (Dominos) And that’s about it😀

Hope you enjoyed this post, again thanks so so so so o so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so

Little to many so’s . but anyway thanks so much for over 9000 views catch my next blog next Friday bye!

How i feel today 09/12/2014

Hi! today has been alright pain wise but I have had a little pain in my knee and neck. I`ve started my new meds called Sodium Cromoglicate and that might literally stop most of my EDS stuff but then it might not so im trying it, if it helps then I will let you guys know.

Today my Tutor came round to Tutor me and I went horse riding my tutor says im good at Biology so that’s good because I like Biology so that’s helpful because im quite good at math’s but I hate it. In horse riding I ride a horse called Rio, he is big, and fat, and hairy, but I still love him, we also went in the woods so we got to ride among the trees (Infact I was literally in the trees because Rio is so tall)

Thanks for reading I will be writing my blog twice a week now because im busy alot  now that I have more home ed groups.

how i feel today 02/11/2014

Hi today has been worse than yesterday but still not the worst day ever. I felt alot of pain while my friend was over in my foot shoulder arm and neck. If you have read my last Post I mentioned Evo world again fun game I reccomend and me and my friend just played that mostly but we also played Minecraft

Im having some stomach pain right now and its kinda like as if ive blown up like a pufferfish and shrunk back down again but what am I gunna do.

Thanks for reading post in comments about um well whatever really.

How i feel today 01/11/2014

Hi guys welcome to todays blog. Today has been really good my friend came  round to sleep over and I havent had much pain. I did get a little pain in my arm and foot but other than that its been great.

Me and my friend downloaded this app called evo world I would reccomend it. we played until 3:00 AM but  im surprisingly not tired. I had lots of fun and yea😀

Thanks for reading please post about your best sleep over in the comments below.

How i feel today 31/10/2014

Hi and Happy Halloween. Today has been a great day for me I havent had any pain today exept while I was trick or treating when I got a big pain in my leg and had to come home.

Since that was the only pain I got today im going to tell you about my trick or treating. I got loads of sweats and we took my Dog Lilah dressed up as a Zombie and I was also a Zombie. Heres a Pic of my dog.

Displaying IMG_8126.JPG

So anyway Happy Halloween, I didnt really have much to talk about so please post what you did for halloween and please read my other blogs.

P.S Happy halloween>:D

How i feel today 30/10/2014

Hi First I whant to say sorry I didnt Blog yesterday so im going to be writing it today AND todays one later on.

Yesterday was really bad which was why I didnt Blog anything yesterday I went round my frends home and when I got back I was Shatterd. My Stomach Hurt loads and I didnt get to sleep to around 2:00 AM! It didnt go so well.

While I was round my friends house it was alright I got a little leg pain while I was there but other than that it was really fun.

That also shows that people with EDS Do have good days and bad days and then theres the super bad days which I call the dead days because it makes you feel like your about to die.

Anyway hope you enjoyed reading if you have ever had a “dead day” post in the comments below.


How I feel today 29/10/2014

Hi guys today hasnt been so good, but I have been to the cinema today so that was good. I went to see the new TMNT movie it was quite good.

Today ive been feeling really unwell, ive been really weak and tired and my joints have been playing up its been really painfull.My backs been in pain whenever I breath in and Im coughing really bad today.

Because i woke up at about 11 and went to the cinema at 2 till 4 I havent noticed much so the day has been better than it would be.

Also because of halloween is coming up if my mum can get a pumpkin in 2 days we are going to carve it like a Zebra and i`ll post them up on the blog.

Hope you enjoyed this Blog please comment on what symptoms you get.

How I feel Today 28/10/2014

Hi today im not doing as bad as yesterday my weird cough thing is still going on and I Still have my stabby pain in the Stomach but I am feeling a bit better

My 24 yr old brother has droped his Stepson of and he has been trying to force me to do things i cant manage but im still ploding along. Im going to be honest i dont really like him BUT He just isant my type but thats not his fault.

I havent had any joint/mucsle pain today but my throat is kiling me. Im not sure if this is linked with my EDS but its definatly making it worse.

As most of you know halloween is coming up and im going Trick or Treating with my friend who also has EDS And Autism I Think that will be fun.

Thanks for reading remember to comment on my previous Post Fundraiser and on this post.

Also if you have Asthma im recommending learn to play a brass instrument. I play the trumbone, it makes your breathing better because its controled breathing.

how i feel today 3/11/2014

Hi today has been pretty bad. I went to the eastmond dental hospital in London and there going to get my braces put in, in 3 months. and ive had stomach and foot smazams, or ticks whatever you whant to call them but they really hurt.

Im not really worried about having my braces there only the clippy braces so I can take them out but when I have my traintrack brases put in thats what im worried about.

My spazams, or ticks, ill call them ticks, they really really hurt. on my stomach it looks like an alien is bursting out of my stomach but its not. my foot tick is like it spins round and the ligaments are being stretched and it REALLY hurts.

Thanks for reading comment about some ticks you`ve had, thanks for reading.